Gallery - Glamorous Social Scene of Denmark

Max and Lasse getting ready for a go-go

Niels says, "uh, could I use the bathroom?"


Some final touches

"I'm going for this tribal look"


"We are having what for dinner?"

MiniParty Recipe: 6 attendees to 12 bottles

Niels introduces Fred and Andrew to the new Danish social phenomenon -- the MiniParty

Copenhagen is characterized by its brisk social scene including infrequent large parties. Recently, with the arrival of the infamous BikeBrats, the new social institution of the MiniParty has seen the light day (or should we say moon?). "The MiniParty", says Niels, "originates from ancient Danish tradition where weddings were drank over 7 days. In the same way a series of MiniParties are celebrated over a few days. It is hard to use the singular form ‘MiniParty because they always come in multiples’." For the casual observer it might be hard to distinguish a MiniParty from a dinner party.

Niels describes the difference for us, "First, MiniParties are easily put together and require little planning. You just pick up the phone and figure out which of your friends are available just before the event. (Editor’s note: it helps that Niels knows everyone in Copenhagen and it seems that he also knows their phone numbers by heart) If they can come, they are in. Part of making the whole event ‘cozy’, a treasured Danish sentiment, is making everyone feel at home. Consequently a meal is always part of the mix. Though flexibility is important, guests may join after dinner as long as they are well known to the group. You can vary the composition [of guests] of a series of MiniParties infinitely over a period of days by rotating attendees in and out so the social dynamic is always right. MiniParties are a ‘moveable feast’, they often relocate to a bar or club once the host is out of food and drink; they are transcendent of location. Lastly, MiniParties are always overindulgent, no one should leave unsatisfied."

Saluting Niels’ new form of entertainment we’d like to treat you (through the photos and text below) to a sample MiniParty .

MiniParty IV -- Max and Lasse get ready for a wild night on the town

At MiniParty IV we celebrated the 4th consecutive and exhausting night of MiniParties . Andrew was special guest at the inaugural MiniParty , while Fred took over at the following 3 MiniParties . Marathon man, Niels, managed to attend and coordinate all of the parties. Four MiniParties in a row can actually exhaust even the inveterate party-goer, hence there was a verbal agreement between Niels and Fred: " No more MiniParties" (at least for some days and excluding invitation to other MiniParties hosted by friends). Niels says this of MiniParty IV: "Knowing this would be the Fin-des-MiniParties , no revelry was to be spared."

Editor’s note: Unfortunately we are unable to share with you every comic/tragic detail of the evening in order to protect the privacy of individuals involved.

MiniParty IV was a very special event. The first (and, we suspect not the last) to include live entertainment provided by two of the honored guests. Max and Lasse treated us to a burlesque show that included some pretty private moments with young Max. (these moments cannot be included due to the PG - 13 rating of our site) Even more interesting than the final result of their efforts is the transformation of these two boys. The photos surrounding this text depict their metamorphosis into "Fags in Frocks" from their normal masculine selves.

This tribute to Niels’ social handiwork will debut at MiniParty V, An 'all-star' event including the best invitees from the previous 4 parties. (Andrew sends regrets)



Special tribal hair ritual


Max's legs

More posing



Jens and Merete on the sidelines

Fred on the casting couch with his two new friends

Niels "getting in on the action"

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